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creative vision

that is patient

I've made it my steadfast goal to create objects and images of beauty and value. It's my hope to play a small and modest part in making a more equitable tomorrow; one that looks, feels and functions a little bit better. That means that your products, your identity, your experiences and your vision matter a lot to me.  I'm here to share in that vision as advocate and guide, while giving your big ideas a poised presence and a confident voice. 


The pages here represent a diverse portfolio, each dedicated to a unique creative discipline or design capability. They are each united through a core competency in thought leadership and Design Thinking. So whether it's a disruptive concept, a bright illustration or a crisp new logo, the same, time honored processes play an integral part. Let's ask better questions to arrive at better answers. Let's move the needle forward together.

Make new things.

Make good things.

David Bulfin, IDSA, AIGA

Designer, Artist + Innovator

experience + expertise

My work merges a strong aesthetic style with deep technical competencies that allow a good idea to transition from concept to reality without compromise. By coupling product design skills with brand literacy and strategic vision, my partners enjoy the benefits of a holistic approach to their design challenges.  I believe that all creative endeavors have equal dignity, deserving passion and excellence.     


I received my Bachelor's of Industrial Design from the College of Design at North Carolina State University in 2010. Since that time, I have enjoyed continual engagement as a creative professional and am proud to learn, collaborate, and compete within the broader design community. 


multidisciplinary thinking

As a practitioner, I've been fortunate to act as a design facilitator from the first sketch, all the way to the store shelf.  I've learned that good design is an orchestra of well tuned details. As such, synchronizing across disciplines is a must, regardless of industry or application.

Diverse experiences have allowed me to continually expand my knowledge.  I offer particular expertise in the consumer electronic, medical, automotive, outdoor activity, aerospace and tech appliance categories.

technical skill

As a professional designer and lifelong creative problem solver, I've dedicated myself to solving aesthetic and innovation challenges by maintaining a clear view of the big picture, while drilling down to every critical minutia. 


That means that keeping every tool sharp matters. I'm focused on staying trend aware and up-to-date with all the latest creative technologies.

You can count on world class capability in:

- freehand sketch rendering

- advanced CAD surfacing

- vector and raster graphic manipulation

- photo-real and ray-traced rendering

- collaborative ideation techniques

- multidisciplinary creative leadership

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