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"Nor Height, Nor Depth"

Digital vector giclée prints on paper 

November 2019 

I began this piece the day after my son William died in direct response to his passing. Immersed in the feeling of a void and a vacuum, surrounded by a grief that felt foreign and unexplored, the image of twin sojourners immediately came to mind. In craving a new kind of armor to withstand my own evolving story, the parity between fear and hope, between emptiness and exploration, between grief and the unknown, manifested readily.


The illustration depicts the equipment of extremes, an Apollo era spacesuit and an atmospheric deep submergence suit. These are mission critical tools, donned to withstand the hostile unknowns of extreme height and extreme depth. They are worn by the brave who are willing to step forth into darkness.


The vibrant, "neo-pastel" color palette is deceptively de-saturated as a mark of intent; calling the viewer to action by responding with resilience, hope, ingenuity and optimism for what's to come. Created out of both joy and longing, this diptych is for anyone who hopes to be well equipped for the void uncovered before them.   

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