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"Nor Height, Nor Depth"

Digital vector giclée prints on paper 

November 2019 

I began this piece the day after my son William died in direct response to his passing. Immersed in the feeling of a void and a vacuum, surrounded by a grief that felt foreign and unexplored, the image of twin sojourners immediately came to mind. In craving a new kind of armor to withstand my own evolving story, the parity between fear and hope, between emptiness and exploration, between grief and the unknown, manifested readily.


The illustration depicts the equipment of extremes, an Apollo era spacesuit and an atmospheric deep submergence suit. These are mission critical tools, donned to withstand the hostile unknowns of extreme height and extreme depth. They are worn by the brave who are willing to step forth into darkness.


The vibrant, "neo-pastel" color palette is deceptively de-saturated as a mark of intent; calling the viewer to action by responding with resilience, hope, ingenuity and optimism for what's to come. Created out of both joy and longing, this diptych is for anyone who hopes to be well equipped for the void uncovered before them.   

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artist statement


At its most fundamental, the man-made world is an attempt to restore something that is broken.  

The reasoning behind indoor plumbing, jet engines and smartphones is the same: 


We don’t feel at home here.  


With Eden lost, we bend nature to our will, transforming it into tools, systems and modern marvels. Through it all, we are striving in earnest towards restoring an imperfect human experience.  As a designer, I embrace equally, the beauty and folly of this innate endeavor.  


My digital illustration artwork celebrates the connection between the worlds of engineering and fine art. To me, this is simply defined as Design. As such, my pieces exist in a compelling grey space between technical diagram and digital painting; leveraging man-made technologies to augment and enhance traditional mediums and methods. Each work is born out of a unique process that melds 3D computer modeling, ray-trace projection and graphic design, all knit together into cohesive compositions. 


By highlighting both the intentional (and un-intentional) aesthetics that surround us, my illustrations define man-made forms beyond highlight and shadow, with a deceptively desaturated, "neo-pastel" color palette and an editorial approach to contour. 

Founded on an insatiable curiosity, my aim is to first act as a multidisciplinary creative force for good. All my work begins by listening, exploring and understanding. With an inquisitive and reverent curiosity for the things we make and why we make them, it's this work that allows me to slowly expose a mental photograph on the subject of interest. 



David Bulfin